There are those projects sometimes that just seem to take a lot…a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of mental energy…whatever. And perhaps, for me, it’s a bit of perfectionism that makes personal projects so much more challenging than they need to be. But I am pleased to share a project of my own that has my children begging me to swap out their bedroom furniture for this newest creation. As always, I find myself wishing that I’d taken a ‘before’ photo but alas, it is not to be.

This bed frame is solid wood, but started life in a very plain state with quite a dated inlaid design in the headboard. The re-design was conceived with the help of Lydia from EfexUSA on a recent visit.  We used a combination of scrolls and one of our newer rosettes to transform this bed into something a bit sweeter and a bit more French – perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or a guest room.IMG_5523The headboard features an R93 central rosette and a ‘frame’ composed of two pairs of SC52 scrolls and one pair of SC05 scrolls. The SC52 scrolls fit nicely up against the curves of the R93 rosette.

The footboard features a pair of SC05 scrolls in the centre and a pair of SC54 scrolls used in-line along the bottom. I liked how these tie the design in with the headboard, while keeping the focus on the main rosette on the headboard.

To get a smooth finish, I applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and two coats of clear waxed, buffed to a shine. I wanted to keep the finish simple and clean. I also relied on input from my daughter who, when I asked if I should distress it, replied, “But Mum…then it would look so OLD!” 🙂