From coastal to French, simple to elaborate, Efex mouldings are incredibly versatile. These images were supplied by our lovely customer Sarah at 4 Ever After Bridal in Invercargill ( who transformed her shop’s furniture using carefully selected Efex mouldings and the simple yet striking colour combination of black, white/cream and gold — a perfect fit for a luxe bridal shop.

4 Ever After Counter - close up

For the front counter, Sarah used trim T28 – one of our most popular moulds.

4 Ever After Counter

This beautiful duchess – with a pre-existing raised design on the sides – was dressed up with leg moulding L1 and pediment moulding P8N – which was very creatively separated into the three pieces you see at the top of the mirror. Any Efex moulding can be trimmed using a pair or scissors or craft knife.

IMG_2656- rotated

IMG_2655 - cropped and rotated

The display cabinet is framed by corner mouldings C45 and topped with scrolls SC7.
IMG_2648 - rotated

Thank you for sharing the amazing work you’ve done on these pieces! To visit Sarah’s shop, go to or search 4 Ever After Bridal on Facebook.