After a bit of a break I present the final leg of the tour of my friend Sharon’s lovely home….

The last piece that she shared with me was perhaps my favourite.  And – as before – it’s because I love to see the creative ways that people use our Efex Appliques.

IMG_4528This hutch already had some lovely detailing – the carved corners, the pediment along the head and foot, the panelling on the doors — but Sharon felt it was missing that something extra. Using Scroll SC02, she added a more raised detail to the piece, elevating it above the flat-style carvings on the original and complementing the style perfectly. Again…a simple moulding used to great effect.

Here you can see the combination of the original flat carvings with the raised detail provided by the Efex mouldings.

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home and sharing with me some of the beautiful work that you’ve done.

Kristen 🙂