Continuing on from Part 1…my tour continues…

Next up Sharon shared with me what was a simple frame that is now anything but! She has used gilding expertly on the pieces she’s created, but she also stressed how easy it is….so if you’re thinking “I love the look but could never do that” then maybe think again.IMG_4517

This frame uses our R3 Rosette, but with the very bottom of the moulding trimmed off to fit. Remember: Efex mouldings can be trimmed to suit any project using a craft knife or a pair of scissors. Again, a beautiful piece. IMG_4514I have to admit I loved the bedroom so have used the frame as a minor player in this photo.  You can see the lovely bedhead, with the framed mirror above it mirroring the style of the central rosette on the bedhead. The bedhead rosette – while original on this piece – is identical to our R77 Rosette.


A side table in the bedroom shows off what can be done if you combine the appliqués. Sharon used one of my favourite appliqués – Scroll SC03 – and paired it with one of our most popular Rosettes, R3, for a lovely feature on this table.  You’ll notice another of the most gorgeous rubbish bins in NZ nestled under the table! This was achieved with Bow B1 and perfectly highlights one of the most appealing characteristics of Efex — the are flexible, bending to fit a curved surface or even curving around an entire circular edge.


The last piece (my favourite) is yet to come…