I recently had the privilege of being invited to a new friend’s house to have a look at some of the work she’s done using Efex Appliques in her home. Let’s just say I was blown away!! One of the best parts about this job is seeing the amazing things that people create with our products.

With Sharon’s permission, I’m sharing with you some of the beautiful pieces that she has created over the years. Sharon has been using Efex for quite a few years now, so this was indeed a ‘blast from the past’. Each piece was lovely and fit perfectly into her gorgeous home.  Sharon shared four pieces in all and I will add them to this page over the next week — I’d hate to reveal everything all at once!

IMG_4513This first piece is actually two…these black tin vessels have been transformed from simple to sophisticated with a few different Efex styles. While they’re currently being used as some of the world’s fanciest rubbish bins(!), they would be beautiful for displaying flowers or nestled next to the fireplace holding pinecones.

IMG_4510Sharon used Pediment P12N (P15 in the US and Canada) and an older style drop similar to D4. Sometimes a different look is just about using the mouldings in a different way. By turning the P8N pediment ‘upside down’ and using it as a swag, she’s achieved something just a bit different.

IMG_4511 (2)

 More to come soon so check back in…. 🙂